Wait, Which Life is This?

December 22, 2007

Third Life?

OOO, I’m confused…


Reach Out and Touch…

December 5, 2007

Microsoft Surface – Exclusive Review

Wow, it looks like touchscreen computing is really evolving. It sure looks like fun. I want one. I wonder who will produce the first game for this new equipment.

Integrated Marketing Masters

December 5, 2007

Ok, don’t laugh…I found a company who has mastered marketing integration, online and in real life. The company is Ganz, and their product/website is Webkinz. I discovered this when I finally realized what my 11 yo daughter was involved in as she was typing in codes from her recently purchased Real Life (RL) Webkinz clothing.

The way this works is that you purchase a Webkinz stuffed animal at a retailer. There is a tag on it with a code. You then go to the website, and can go in-world using your code. Once there you can get a virtual pet like the RL one you purchased. Then you can purchase items to enhance the appearance of your pet, and also decorate the room which you have selected for your pet to live in. Now, my daughter had purchased clothing…which, with the special code, allowed her to shop in the exclusive store in-world that only those who have made the RL purchase can shop in. Everyone will recognize her clothing as special.

The other aspect that makes this all so genius is that it is a social networking site. My daughter meets her friends in-world and they compare their rooms, and clothing. They can visit each other’s places. Also, they can meet new people in-world and become friends with them. By interacting, they can each see what others have done in room decoration and clothing. This encourages them to purchase more and different items.

Now here is another capture device: the kids can play games to earn points that they can use to purchase in-world items. So now they are deeply involved in the website. They are there to dress-up, decorate, socialize, and play games, which earn money, enhancing their experience with the dress-up and decorating. Amazing!

Imagine if we could do something like that for an automotive site, or home decoration site. I think all the basic principles of cross-marketing and viral marketing are present in this one company. Congratulations to them, and no, don’t be shy to look at the website, we often learn from the children…