Phon-ey Stuff

September 28, 2007

Over the summer I took a course on mobile communication devices. I came out of it with more respect for my cell phone. Well, now I have been showing it some love and actually started using it for something other than a belt accessory. I have a new girlfriend in second life, and yes we do real life communication. Not only do we talk on the phone, and using voice in second life, we text. Yes, I finally, after about four years of having a cell phone, I sent my first text message. Ok, so now I’m texting every day, ususally more than once a day…so I get it now. It’s a ┬ánice way to send quick, “I’m thinking of you” kinds of messages, and, of course, getting those back. It’s quite nice to get that little beep that tells me a message awaits, then to check and find a lovely note from my girl. We’ve also used it to convey quick info messages, like her letting me know her internet was down. I can’t always take a call, but I can almost always be reached by text. So my next assignment will be to learn how to do upper case and other miracles of digital manipulation.


Somewhere Over the Rainbow

September 2, 2007

OK, summer vacation is over, time to pick up the blog again…here’s a little musical treat to set a pleasant mood.