New iYear

January 13, 2007

Ok, so the semester is over, you thought maybe I wouldn’t be back, but here I am. For all my readers, that would be a friend or two and my mom, you already know, but just in case there’s an outsider reading this, I got an “A” in my class. Thank you. Your loyal reading made it possible.

I was prompted to jump back in by Apple’s unveiling of the iPhone. I was skeptical at first; I mean, do we really need another phone. Well, it’s just about the coolest thing on the planet.  It’s a well-designed multi-gadget that seems to be designed to not only seem sexy, but useful. Heck, if they add TV remote powers to it, they will have the long-awaited “black box”. For those not in communications, the black box was a theoretical device that would combine all our electronic functional needs into a single device.

The iPhone is ridiculously expensive right now, but most electronics are when they first come out. But everyone will want one. I want one. I like the idea of integrated devices. A year ago, I would have thought it excessive to have a cell phone with extra capabilities. But then I got a cellphone with a camera, and I’ve started living more of an electronic life, so…it looks good. It will be a breakthrough in the integration of personal computing and communication; the next evolutionary step. But one question lingers….why Cingular?